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Our Story

Cmodo started in Florence Italy, the birthplace of art and craftmanship, and the home of artisans for centuries.  We have taken this rich Florentine history and traveled throughout Italy to locate quality products for your home.  As a result, we can help you to create the space you have always dreamed of.  We provide connoisseurs with bespoke Italian products designed and crafted by exceptional artists.

By cultivating collaborative relationships with our artisans we have the ability to bring you unique, one of a kind, high quality products for your home.  Our artisans and designers use everything from traditional to innovative techniques.  Therefore, we can provide you products that are not like any other.  All of the pieces presented to you are selected according to their history, quality, and uniqueness.

Featured Artisans

Handcrafted Knives by Fabio

Fabio, born and raised in Italy, grew up in a family of artisans.  From an early age Fabio worked side by side with his father creating handcrafted pieces from olive wood and steel.  He loved working with fire and quickly became an expert at forging knives and tools by hand.  Although the forging of the steel is an art in and of itself, he doesn’t stop there.  He designs every handle meticulously.  Every design has a perfect balance between design esthetics and calibrated ergonomics. The knives he creates are more than just a knife,  they are truly an heirloom piece.

Italian Leather Table Accents by Alicia

Alicia grew up in Argentina having a multicultural family with parents descending from Argentina and Italy.  She moved to Italy around 30 years ago to connect with her heritage as well as to create beautiful handcrafted leather products.  At Cmodo, we are collaborating with Alicia creating new and exciting Italian leather table accents.

Olive wood Kitchen Accessories by Maurizio

Maurizio started off working with olive wood as a hobby in Sardinia.  He quickly fell in love with the grace and beauty of changing olive wood into bespoke pieces.  Through the many years working an artisan he has perfect his craft and become an expert wood turner.  All of his products are completely source from olive trees in southern Italy.  His work is simple but elegant and is a great accent to add to your kitchen accessories.

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Create It Together. 

Have you dreamed up a design for your space and you just can’t seem to find the right piece to complete your vision?  At Cmodo, we can work with you to source or even create that piece you have been searching for.  Set up an appointment with us today to discuss your vision in detail!


Take a peak inside the heart and soul of our artisans, their laboratory.  Discover their one of a kind, handcrafted pieces…

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