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Collaborating with artists, artisans, and designers, that use both traditional and/or modern techniques, to share their bespoke pieces with you.

Our Story

Cmodo started in Florence Italy, the birthplace of art and craftmanship, and the home of artisans for centuries.  We have taken this rich Florentine history and traveled throughout Italy to locate quality products for your home.  As a result, we can help you to create the space you have always dreamed of.  We provide connoisseurs with bespoke Italian products designed and crafted by exceptional artists.

By cultivating collaborative relationships with our artisans we have the ability to bring you unique, high quality products for your home.  Our artisans and designers use everything from traditional to innovative techniques.  Therefore, we can provide you products that are not like any other.  All of the pieces presented to you are selected according to their history, quality, and uniqueness.  Each piece special and one of a kind.

We specialize in sourcing most aspects of interior design including furniture, lighting, textiles, as well as building materials, such as terracotta and Carerra marble.  With our custom sourced products you will be able to find that inspirational piece that you have been looking for.  You will finally be able to pull your space together with that one special touch that is missing.

Please contact us directly to discover how we can help you complete your project.  Tell us how we can help your design process with our custom sourcing services.  You can send us a message directly through our contact page!

Thank you for trusting us to help you with your design needs.  We are very excited to hear about your upcoming projects!



Coming Soon!

We will have an exclusive set of featured artisan products available for you in our online shop. 

We couldn’t wait to show them off, so check out our gallery for a sneak peak!

Please contact us for purchasing details!


Hello, I’m Christy, an interior designer, living primarily in Florence Italy, but traveling throughout the world to help you discover bespoke pieces for your space. I have built personal relationships with artists, artisans, and designers that use both traditional and/or modern techniques and I am thrilled share their work with you!

At Cmodo, we will work together to help you discover interesting lighting, handcrafted furniture, bespoke household accessories, and much more! We look forward to finding that piece that will be the inspiration of your design or that special something that will bring your space together!  Contact us today for your custom sourcing needs!

Check out our photo gallery for a sneak peak of our handcrafted pieces available soon for purchase online!


Our Services

Custom Sourcing

At Cmodo we love working with interior designers, architects, and independent clients to help them find that special piece for their space.  Share your dream design with us and we will make it happen together!

Featured Artisans

On our adventures sourcing amazing products for our clients we have come across some beautiful accessories for the home that we just had to share with you.  Check out our gallery for more information.

Personalized Workshops

Are you coming to Italy and want to discover some of our artisans studios for yourself?  Or even better, do you want to try working side by side with one of our artisan masters?  Contact us and set up your personalized experience today!

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At Cmodo, we can work with you to find or even create the perfect piece for your space. Set up an appointment with us today to discuss your vision in detail!

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