Piccolo Sijihiki Style Paring Knife – Wenge Wood



Our one of a kind Piccolo Sujihiki Paring Knife is the perfect blend of Japanese and Italian Craftsmanship.  Handcrafted in Italy, the impeccable design of this piece shows off the hand forged blade with a unique hammered finish and a beautiful wenge wood handle.  This knife is perfect to be used as a paring or small utility knife.

Our Piccolo Sujihiki Paring Knife is 100% made in Italy and completely handcrafted from tip of the blade to the end of the handle.  Made in the style of a small Japanese Sujihiki Knife, it is great for peeling, paring, decorating, cutting out cores of apple quarters, removing eyes from potatoes, and many other small delicate tasks.

The Piccolo Sujihiki Paring Knife is small knife that is easy to handle and easily maneuvered.  Many refer to this knife as their utility knife as it completes small delicate tasks with ease.

The innovative design of this pieces shows off the hand forged blade with a unique hammered finish, a modern twist on a very traditional technique.  Using only the highest quality materials the blade is created using Nitro B stainless steel allowing for use with scalpel-like sharpness.  The piece is finished off with a sleek handle made from a chocolate colored wenge wood.


  • Perfect for any small delicate tasks including peeling, paring, decorating, etc.
  • Forged Blade with a Hand Hammered Finish for a one of a kind piece.
  • Natural Wenge Wood Handle
  • Nitro B Stainless Surgical Steel remarkable corrosion-, stain- and chip–resistance.
  • Hand Tempered for the highest quality strength and durability.
  • 100% Handcrafted in Italy.

Dimensions and More Info:

  • 12 x 2.8 cm blade, 10cm handle /  4.7” blade, 3.9” handle
  • Made in Italy.


  • Use caution when handling sharp objects.
  • Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass.
  • It is not advisable to use any knife but a meat cleaver to cut through bone, as other blades can be easily damaged.


  • Wash by hand with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.
  • Avoid cleaners containing bleach or citrus extracts.
  • Sharpen as needed. With regular use and honing once a week, you should not need to sharpen your knife more than once or twice a year.
  • Store knife in a safe place to protect its edge and prevent injury.


* Our products are all one of a kind pieces that are handcrafted.  No two pieces will be exactly the same so upon arrival you will see slight variations, due to the high-quality natural materials used, in comparison to the product photos.  Dimensions and weight may also vary slightly.


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